Stand out as a mold inspector. Be an expert in the most advanced techniques and equipment for finding and preventing mold problems.

Mold is sneaky. And building owners often underestimate how fast it can spread and how far it can reach.

The key to figuring out the true situation is in measuring the moisture content within walls, floors, crawlspaces, etc. It is imperative to have the best moisture testing tools available and to know which tools to use in different situations.

This free eBook, A Mold Inspector’s Comprehensive Guide to Moisture Testing, provides you with exclusive information about the different moisture testing methods and technology available to inspectors like yourself.

Save time researching product descriptions, consumer reports, and case studies. We’ve done the legwork for you so you can do your job with confidence and efficiency.

You will learn:

  • The many sneaky ways moisture can enter a building
  • Different mold inspection methods commonly used for both residential and commercial buildings
  • How and when to use these various types of equipment
  • Common moisture detection pitfalls to avoid
  • How to determine the quality level of moisture detection equipment
  • How to offer the best value for your customers

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